“Nick Lowery’s passion for empowering his audience is simply unmatched.  He is deeply and genuinely committed to helping people from all backgrounds to recognize and appreciate their unique strengths.”

Erin M. Nelson, Psy.D.Director of the Behavioral Science Department for the University of Arizona medical school

“Nick’s message about focusing on short term goals while also being mindful of long-term targets to be very inspiring ~ kick ‘the football’ (total focus and passion on this moment) and drill it straight through the uprights (long term inspiring purpose).”

Brandon DaniellChief Innovator i.e. Health Career Services, Inc.

“You were one of the tops we have ever had!  You were warm, funny and passionate on stage.  You were a great fit for UMEC and did a great job connecting with the audience.  You killed it!  Our folks loved it. You surpassed all expectations!”

Dominic CaminitiUniversity Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, Inc.

“Engaging and inspiring” was the consensus of statements about Nick from an audience of more than 250 health care professionals at an IHPM conference in Orlando, FL in March of 2010. Nick delivers, with 3 touch points, the message that everyone is born to win and destined for success by staying focused, determined and committed.”

DEBORAH LOVE, EVP, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICERInstitute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM)