Football is about America’s fundamental values: Hard work, Teamwork, Sacrifice, Working through pain, Doing the right thing, Playing by the rules, Courage, Coming back from defeat and even stunning failure, Strategy, Leadership, Pushing through our individual limits to help the team win!

Nick Lowery played 18 years in the NFL; He lived these values. The Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer and 7-time All Pro is the Chiefs all-time leading scorer. But you can’t pigeon hole Nick Lowery. Some speakers transcend stereotypes, and in so doing, help us break through our own limiting beliefs. Nick helped launch Americorps for President Clinton, and his humanitarian work with youth earned him the NFL Players’ most honored award, the Justice Byron Whizzer White Award.

The placekicking position is the most pressured single second in sports. The ball is snapped 8 yards, caught, spun, placed down and kicked in barely a second.  The Ball is not spinning before it is kicked for barely a tenth of a second.  Then kicked over 11 very large and angry men paid millions to block (and maybe kill!) the kicker.  All this on a stage watched by millions of viewers.  Nick shares the lessons of bringing your best to your own white-hot moments of pressure, your own moments of truth, to take you to a  new level and brand of success!

And there is much more. Nick’s father was a pilot in World War II, Stanford and Fulbright scholar and his Mother was in the first class of women at Oxford – in Honors. His father was head of station for the CIA in London and Bonn during the late 60’s. He literally grew up next door to a Supreme court justice (Byron White) who was best friends with John and Bobby Kennedy, and won the NFL’s highest award named for him.

His message is about thinking outside the box by tapping into your prime gifts, values and focus to achieve a new level of purpose and performance. Nick can talk about the lessons of sports, but as a legislative aide for 4 US Senators and 3 Presidents, he can bring fresh oxygen to our attempts to make sense of a social, political and economic system that has largely failed us and our position as the rightful creative and entrepreneurial heart of the world.

Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery’s message is Focus, Passion & Purpose restore the creative genius each of us has within us that manifests our highest self!

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